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Medicare Insurance

Licensed Medicare Agents available to help you find the best plan with the most benefits.

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance find the lowest cost group plan with the most benefits.

Life Insurance

A Life Insurance Consultant can suggest a policy that is suitable based on your budget and needs.

Short Term Medical

Short term medical insurance, you don’t have to go without a medical insurance plan.

Dental Discounts

Dental insurance plans dental discounts over 100,000 dentists around the nation.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance can be tailored to your travel needs when traveling abroad.

Medicare Insurance Services

Understanding Medicare

What Is Medicare?

Medicare Made Clear

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mr. Yard and his daughter Kailyn have been GREAT to me! Very professional! Anytime I have a question they will answer it or get back to me with a smile. They are the ones who really take care of me. I could not find a better representative for health insurance.

Guy Baldwin

My husband Mike Delay and I have been working with Craig for over 6 years. We have been extremely pleased with the services he provides and been happy to recommend him to friends.

Nancy Rogers

I first used Craig more than a year ago, loved his service, knowledge, and overall experience in the healthcare field. I would highly recommend for all your health insurance needs!

Cindy McWeeney Iannini

My family and I have used Craig for many years now and he is excellent. He knows every aspect of this complex field and really takes the time to understand individual needs so that he can recommend the best solution. The service we have received from him has been amazing.

Andrew Taylor

Craig and his team are amazing to work with! Fast, efficient and so knowledgeable!!!! I am so thankful I was referred to them!!!!!!

Melissa Amenta Dziob

I have been with Craig for a long time and can only say great things about his service. He is quick to answer any calls and goes over all your questions thoroughly until you completely understand. I have had no problems with any plan he has set up for me. I recommend his company 100%.

Susan Bates

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What’s Medicare?

Medicare is the federal health plan and supplements for people who are 65 or older.

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Medicare Supplements

Health Insurance Services of Connecticut has licensed Medicare agents available to help you find the best plan. There are many supplement plans to Medicare insurance and we can assist you in selecting the right plan for you.

Short Term Coverage

You never know what can happen to you or your family in the short term and you don’t want an accident to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars because you went without medical insurance.

Group Health Plans

Every year group health insurance plan rates increase and it’s very important to have an agent who works with all insurance carriers to find you and your employees the lowest cost group plan with the most benefits.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans have numerous benefits not offered by typical dental insurance such as no paperwork or yearly caps! There are over 100,000 dentists who participate in these plans around the nation.

Life Insurance Plans

Working with a skilled life insurance consultant can help you find the right type of policy. We can suggest a term or whole life policy option that is suitable based on your budget and needs.

Travel Medical Plans

Travel medical insurance can cover your travel abroad. International Medical Group developed a comprehensive range of travel medical insurance, life, dental, and disability plans that can be tailored to your travel needs.

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