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When choosing a policy, it’s important to find one that works best for you and your specific situation. Working with a skilled life insurance consultant at Health Insurance Services can help you find the right type of policy and suggest levels of coverage that are suitable based on your budget.

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Expense:Determining FormulaEstimated Dollar Amount
1.  Income Replacement7-10 Times your annual income$                                     
2. Mortgage/RentYour remaining outstanding mortgage or estimate of rental costs$                                     
3.  Outstanding DebtOutstanding loans, credit card debt, and other debt$                                     
4.  College EducationEstimated cost of college per year, multiplied by four, then by the number of children$                                     
5.  Emergency Fund25% to 50% of your annual income$                                     
6.  Funeral CostApproximately $20,000 (moderate cost)$  20,000                   
7.  Total Cash NeededAdd parts 1 through 6$                                     
8. Total available Liquid AssetsCash, savings, checking, retirement funds, existing life policies, investments.$                                     
9.  INSURANCE NEEDPart 7 minus part 8$                                     

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